Picnic hamper pre-order sales boost

The number of products available in the global marketplace are infinite. Transactions take place every second in-venue, at market stalls, via online stores, social media platforms, and more. Are you making the most of your potential revenue opportunities?

Large hospitality companies already use technology to help sell their products to consumers. Easy mobile payments, in-house charging facilities, digital menus, and table-ordering were set to change the way we interact with customers even before a pandemic made contactless crucial.

Once international borders open, hygienic cashless payment options will make tourism more convenient. GooglePay & ApplePay helps to avoid cash and handling errors. It also gives customers an easy shopping experience for those spontaneous purchases.

Bopple accepts payments via Stripe which gives customers access to over 135 different currencies for payment and allows same-day payouts for venues. All the more important in an unpredictable industry where every sale counts. So let's have a look at some ways to make more of them! 💵

Ideas for your venue

  • Give your customers more options to pay or prepay for their order. Bopple's online store for venues allows you to create different order types, like dine-in, delivery, pick-up, or pre-order. Imagine; you own a sandwich bar and want to sell more sandwiches, but at busy times, customers standing in line to order one-by-one slows you down. By activating the pre-order function within Venue Manager, you can let people order ahead through your online store for pickup, just like Sonoma does. 🥪

  • Set up promo codes for your new or most loyal customers at checkout. By setting a promo code for new customers it creates less friction for first-time orders and can be a way to break down that barrier. This is a great way to boost customer experience and retention, and could be an incentive for your customers to sign up for an email list.

  • Sell pantry items or any books and merchandise your venue has available. Do you have a cookbook, or a famous sauce or granola that your customers rave about? What about tote bags, t-shirts, or reusable coffee cups so your best customers can show their loyalty? Get a tee or bottled barbecue sauce with your brisket at Proof BBQ 🛍

  • Offer express lunch boxes or picnic packs for pick-up during quieter times or special events. Mothers Day, Valentine's Day and the holidays are all great excuses for a hamper. If you're near a park, river, sporting ground or other landmark, any day could be a great occasion for a picnic promotion. Gelato Messina are a great example of how a pre-paid holiday promotion can be super effective. 

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