It's that time of year again which means we see a month full of public holidays! That's right, it's Easter. Is your business set up for the Easter holiday period? Follow these steps to make sure you’re store hours are up-to-date.

1. Set your holiday trading hours

Update your store hours for the holidays with special dates. For a specific date set your service hours to override your usual trading hours. Not sure how? Click here>>

2. Update your fees and add a surcharge

Remember to update your service fees and public holiday surcharges. Not sure how? Click here>>

3. Create an easter discount

Drive more business with an easter discount. Advertise the discount and bring people to your store for the holidays. Not sure how? Click here>>

4. Notify your customers

Let your customers know that you are staying open or you’re closing for the holidays. Post on your social media channels and leverage your email database to reach out to your customers.

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