Whether you’re actively using targeted Facebook and Instagram ads, or you’re thinking about doing that at some point, Facebook Pixel is a quick set-up tool to understand traffic on your online store and build your digital brand.

facebook pixel venue manager

Great — but what can you do with it?

💸 Measure the impact of your ad spend

Answer the question: “how many customers are ordering after seeing one of my Facebook or Instagram ads?” Track your conversion rate, and the ROI (Return of Investment) for your ad campaigns.

🔥 Build the best ad strategy for your business

Once you know where you’re at, you can also test different approaches and compare their impact to increase the success of your ads.

🎯 Reach the best customers for your business

Based on your current visitors and customers, Pixel can help you advertise to lookalike audiences with similar interests and demographics.

🍽️ Understand how customers interact with your online store

Answer the questions: “how many customers are viewing my menu?” and “which products are customers viewing most?,” then tailor your ads based on how customers interact with your store (eg. running a discount for customers who haven’t ordered in the past 30 days).

Is activating Facebook Pixel right for my venue?

Short answer: yes!

Quickly setting up Pixel will give you a head start, making sure everything is available in your ads account if you ever do run ads. Creating your Pixel in your Facebook Business Manager account will also let you take advantage of all its measurement and tracking features, even if you’re not yet creating ads.

We’re so excited about this feature add and we know any venue that takes advantage of it will be able to create a lot of value. Jump into Venue Manager and get started right now! You can use this help article to learn more about getting set up!

As always, let us know if there’s any way we can help. DM us on Instagram, Facebook, or email help@bopple.com.