Restaurant café table ordering

From Friday 25 June, the Queensland Government are enacting the next step in their plan for easing restrictions. While many operators will be celebrating the increase in capacity and density allowances, we understand that for some venues who have already struggled to find staff, this may pose additional stress.

Many venues across Australia reopened post-lockdowns with reduced staff numbers, which has restricted opening hours. This has been partially manageable due to reduced capacity and social distancing guidelines lowering table density, but with these restrictions lifting, there is a new challenge to face.

Workforce woes

The pandemic resulted in a decline in available workforce as many foreign workers were forced to leave the country and many others found work in other industries that remained viable during lockdowns. While there are some government policies that have changed to allow international workers to stay longer and work additional hours, the food service industry is still feeling the pressure. Try some of our tips for finding staff.

More tables, more covers

Now that some Australian states are relaxing restrictions enough to increase table density and venue capacity, you may have concerns about providing great service with an already stretched team. We can help you optimise service with Table Ordering. Table ordering is a fantastic way to ease the pressure on your team by empowering your customers to order from their smartphone, and has the added benefit of increasing spend by an average of 35% or more. Optimising your digital menu can increase that number even further.

Turn the tables

We can only guess what the future looks like for hospitality, but we're here to provide support by developing technology-based tools to assist our vibrant café and restaurant industry. Table Ordering is just one of the features that Bopple has that make life a whole lot easier. We can even get QR code stickers and table cards printed and shipped to your door to get you started.

If you would like to know more, you can sign up and get started today or if you already have a Bopple account you can turn on Table Ordering in Venue Manager.