Now that the hospitality industry in Australia is opening up, operators have a new challenge; finding enough staff to run their venues. This change in workforce demands is now clear across the industry.
So where can you go to find the staff that are still looking for work? The more places you advertise vacancies, the more eyes will see it, and you'll have a greater chance for a new hire.
Old faithfuls 👌
Seek is the #1 website in Australia for jobseekers, with roles in Hospitality & Tourism at all levels. This includes full-time part-time, casual and contract positions. Career One is another option for Australian jobseekers. Recruitment agencies can help fill higher level roles, matching skillsets from other industries, and actively searching for candidates. Gumtree has thousands of job listings too.
New tools 🔧
Barcats is a great tool to use for recruitment, with the ability to invite relevant candidates to apply for available roles. There is also the ability to advertise one-off shifts when you're in a pinch.
Facebook groups can be a direct link to members of the community who are looking for work. Search for your local Hospitality Network, Bartender Exchange, Barista Network, and local suburb groups. Scroll through the most recent posts to find job seekers who have posted their availability.
Don't forget about the power of Social media. If you have LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram at your disposal, make sure you get your job posts up. Your followers are already interested in your business, and they could be a potential team member or refer your next superstar!
Outside of the square 🧑‍💻
If you're looking for casual staff, you can submit your listing to University job boards for students who need work around study. Community notice boards may attract people in your local area, such as parents and older adults, people who have recently moved into the suburb, or those who are mindful of their digital presence.
Tips for making hot jobs 🔥
Now is the time to make sure that your Award rates are up-to-date. The government updates these yearly and there are penalties for businesses who are not paying staff correctly. If you have the extra resources to invest in staff to boost that offer, it may help get higher quality staff in the door.
Incentives are another way to sweeten the deal and creating a great offer for potential employees. Staff meals, discounts, rewards, training, and team building activities all contribute to an environment where staff feel valued. Many workers prefer non-monetary rewards such as flexible working hours, recognition, and professional development.
Culture 🎭
Create a positive work culture to attract the best staff. Include staff in decision-making and updates, encourage feedback and promote a culture of learning. Check in with your employees and find ways to help develop them within the company. Good culture reduces staff turnover, and increases the chance that your staff will refer potential employees.
Look within 🧑‍🍳
Right now, the industry is lacking skilled workers in a range of areas. The workers applying for jobs post-COVID tended to be younger and less experienced than before. This may result in a lower level of service while staff are trained. An alternative is to train staff from within the business to make use of their existing skills and experience and backfill the junior roles. Ask around within the team to see who would be interested in adding to their skills.
It may be a while before staffing levels get back to what they were pre-COVID. We hope some of these tips help you find new team members to continue providing the great service your customers know and love. If you're looking for ways to ease the pressure on your existing team, learn more about Table Ordering and how it can help empower your customers to order from their smartphone and increase your revenue at the same time.
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