We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Online ordering is on the rise, and it’s here to stay. Direct-to-consumer delivery, takeaway, and now dine-in online ordering has dominated the hospitality industry with great success and is here to stay. Consumers are turning to solutions that simplify their lives when it comes to shopping and dining. Even some of the biggest sceptics are going digital, and transforming their dining experience to online solutions which can often integrate with their existing POS.

77% of consumers still want to use contactless ordering and payments post pandemic.

Even post-pandemic, online ordering is still growing in popularity, and we’ve mentioned in a previous blog post, people seek venues that have online ordering options. We recently spoke to Leighton, owner of Cantina Bar and Little Jean for some insight into the impact online ordering can make on your hospitality business.

Leighton recently rolled out QR code table ordering at both venues and has been able to streamline operation on the business side of things, with staff management, as well as allowing customers to have control of their orders. QR code table ordering “acts as an extra set of hands for our staff and reduces the pressure.”

57% of Aussie diners now prefer a venue based on the availability of contactless table ordering.

Allowing customers to order from their table themselves gives control over their orders and typically creates up to 30% higher spend. “Even our older customers are coming around to it, especially once we show them how easy it is to place an order” Leighton said.

87% of people who have used an online food ordering agree that it makes their life easier.

While there’s no denying that we enjoy the dining out experience, we’re finding that more and more consumers want to enjoy their favourite meal in the comfort of their own homes. An online ordering platform like Bopple allows customers to order ahead and collect their meal, or to order it direct to their door with delivery, removing the hassle of ordering a meal over the phone and making life easier.

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