We're excited to announce our latest integration with Marsello - the only omnichannel marketing software that combines data-driven automation, email, SMS, and loyalty programs to deliver targeted marketing that gets results. 

Marsello lets you create a loyalty program that runs on autopilot and grows your business by building a better understanding of what drives long-lasting customer relationships. You can then use these insights to create a loyalty program that’s as unique as your brand.

A seamless customer experience.

We’ve integrated loyalty with your Bopple store so customers can earn loyalty points, see their balance, and effortlessly redeem rewards for discounts during checkout.

Turn customers into brand ambassadors.

Encourage customers to make repeat purchases, share your store with friends, and engage with your social media accounts.

Turn insights into opportunity.

Marsello analyses the behaviour of your customers and organises them into segments — reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

Rewards that go beyond your physical store.

Extend rewards to your online customers to foster lasting relationships — even when circumstances prevent them from ordering in-store.

Maximise your reach.

Send beautifully branded emails and SMS messages to your customers with targeted automation and campaigns that drive sales and build loyalty.

Boost customer retention and satisfaction today using the Marsello integration. Find out more here.