Healthy takeaway food trends
In recent years, international flavours and healthy choices have been trending with consumers. This has only increased post-2020. Health-conscious customers want functional foods for gut health, brain fuel and body benefits. Others are getting their travel fix from uncovering new foodie destinations within local borders. Non-alcoholic beer, plant milks, coffee alternatives, kombucha and other ferments are increasing their share of the beverage market. Cleaner eating is a higher priority for younger customers, while convenience still rules for a large segment of the market. Casual dining restaurants like Cheeky Poké and Açai Brothers have been super successful in this space.

"Positive nutrition" is an emerging trend in the US. This focus is on the healthy ingredients in food, drink, and supplements, instead of avoiding less healthy ingredients. This relates to the wellness theory of "crowding out"; more positive choices leave less room for negative habits.

Customers are focusing less on restriction and eliminating certain items from their food choices. Instead, they're creating a well-balanced diet and lifestyle, full of ingredients that will promote their health and wellbeing. The population group that is leading this mindful change are... you guessed it, Millennials.
Recently, Millennials overtook the Baby Boomers as Australia’s largest population group. Their income will rise in the coming years, and their preferences and buying power will continue to influence industry trends.

Customers in this demographic are more likely to:

  • Eat out at restaurants and cafés
  • Make healthier food and beverage choices
  • Pay via handheld devices using ApplePay & GooglePay
  • Use social media to scope out a venue before attending
  • Order takeaway or delivery online

Ideas for your venue:

  • Use your sales and orders data to determine what your customers are buying
  • Provide easy and clear options or extras for the health-conscious or time-poor
  • Ensure you have GooglePay & ApplePay available for digital-savvy customers
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