What’s new πŸ₯³

We've made a complete design overhaul to your online store! This means a better experience for you and your customers.

Why we built itπŸ‘·β€β™€οΈ

You've invested a lot of time and effort into your business and we want your customers to experience that online. Empower the look and feel of your own online store using your logo and colours. Your customers order from you, so we want them to feel like they're ordering from you. Your customers will see less of us and more of your business! πŸŽ‰

Personalise your online store πŸ’ƒ

That epic logo and cover image you uploaded during onboarding? That's now the header of your online store! Didn't upload a logo or cover image? No stress, you can upload one to Venue Manager and away you go. Also, feel free to use this opportunity to add a new cover photo or updated logo 😎. One quick note, we recommend using a transparent PNG image for your logo so it sits nicely over that beautiful cover photo of yours.

Introducing brand colours 🎨

Our team came up with a system that combines colour theory, modern accessibility guidelines, and a couple of nifty software tools so you can add your branding colours to your online store Sounds pretty nerdy πŸ€“, but we knew this was important in taking your online store to the next level πŸš€

Add your brand colour to your store profile now. Over the coming days, the look and feel of your online store will be updated with a new theme based on your preferred colour. The colours are intelligently applied to buttons, links, backgrounds, and other theme-able elements on your online store. It took a lot of work and we wanted to maximise usability for all customers, even those that might be visually impaired or otherwise. Inclusivity is a big part of what we do here at Bopple, and it's baked into the core of this feature. As always, your feedback is much appreciated. 

User interface changes 🍽

We made a few changes that we believe to make better use of the customer experience:

  • Buttons and controls have been reworked to allow the customer to clearly identify the way they're ordering and when they want to order.
  • Customers can now switch their preferred order type right in the Storefront header. Making it nice and streamlined for that hungry customer!
  • We've added a handy status indicator informing customers of important things like when service is ending or when pickup is available, plus pre-order and when you're open for business
  • The Storefront header is now used to highlight your store profile and service offering, with access to other important info like trading hours and a map of where you're located.

These small improvements will help usher customers through the experience and ultimately result in more visits, more orders, and more revenue πŸŽ‰


Features coming soon πŸ”œ

Custom store URL & branded link previews πŸ’»

We'll be introducing custom Storefront URL's to make your online store even more personalised, plus branded URL previews that feature store info and imagery. We know this bopple.app/menu/64322 doesn't look too flash... However, we know that this bopple.app/your-store-name looks πŸ‘Œ When you share this URL on socials, you'll see way more of your brand and not ours! We'll go into more details when this is ready to launch!

We're always working on ways to make Bopple a more powerful ecosystem of tools for hospitality businesses to start and grow online.