World Donut Day Bopple

Here at Bopple, we love a food-related holiday, and we've been known to order doughnut deliveries to the office from our Venue Partners. So let's dive into some fun doughnut history this World Doughnut Day before our fingers get too sticky.

Doughnut History 📜

National Doughnut Day started in 1938 as a fundraiser for The Salvation Army during the Great Depression, to honour their members who served doughnuts to soldiers during World War I. In Australia, it's a great excuse to treat ourselves, and we've embraced International doughnut styles, Australia-wide.

There are many different types of doughnuts all over the world. The recipe for the classic jam-filled doughnut was first seen in the 14th Century in Germany. Even before the 12th Century, it was common to eat fried pastries during the Jewish celebration of Hannukah. Many countries have their own version of iced or filled doughnuts.

Many countries have a fried pastry made from sweet yeast dough. It can be either unfilled or with a filling of marmalade, jam, chocolate, caramel, fruit, custard or another sweet filling. Toppings include icing, powdered sugar, or white sugar but may include other toppings and decorations. There are hundreds of regional names for doughnuts but most of them came from words that mean the same thing.

International doughnut styles 🍩

In China and Japan, fried dough pastries are often filled with red bean paste or sweetened black sesame pasteGulab jamun are soft, sweet, and deep-fried round dough balls floated in rosewater and cardamon flavoured sweet syrup, in India. Even Kenya has its own style of doughnut, which is triangular and served with coconut. By now most of us know the Spanish and Mexican churro, coated in cinnamon sugar and dipped in chocolate.

Doughnut vs donut 🇬🇧🇺🇸

US English shortens the name doughnut to donut, but they are the same thing. American donuts come in a variety of different shapes, fillings and toppings. These deviate even further from the round fried style, but are still delicious so we'll allow it!

Our favourite doughnuts

Nodo - Multiple Brisbane locations. Order for pick-up.
Gluten and dairy-free doughnut options so no one has to miss out.


Denimco - South Bank, Brisbane. Order for pick-up.
The traditional Italian-style filled Nutella doughnut can be found here.


Degani - locations around Australia. Order for pick-up.
Check out your local Degani for their selection of classic and fancy styles.


Port Lincoln Bakery - Port Lincoln, South Australia. Order for pick-up.
This regional bakery has a doughnut special every week as well as all the classic iced styles.

If you don't see your favourite listed here, you can always Explore your local options via the Bopple App. We hope you enjoy a sweet treat this World Doughnut Day!