Cafe order smartphone digital menu

Printing and reprinting menus for updates and disposability has an impact on the environment. Digital menus that can be updated any time and viewed on customer's own devices are more environmentally friendly and hygienic, both of which have been front of mind for many hospitality businesses in recent times.

There are other benefits to using a digital menu; customers are able to view their options and place their order by selecting menu items on their own device, easing the pressure on wait staff to be available and accurate in their order-taking. This reduces the risk of bill errors and incorrect orders. Additionally, studies have shown that digital menus increase spend per head even without staff actively upselling.

Order amendments and dietary requirements can be made simple with notes and communication directly from the customer to the kitchen. You can also provide nutritional information, venue updates and social links for easy sharing and social proof while you have your customer’s attention.

Did you know that a digital menu can help your SEO as well? Customers often search for a menu online before choosing whether to order from or attend an eatery. Give your cafe or restaurant the best chance of being at the top of the search results. Then it's a matter of making your menu the one a potential new guest decides on. If you need some inspiration we are currently drooling over Chat Thai and Gnocchi Gnocchi Brothers.

Ideas for your venue

  • Make sure your menu photography is looking its best with clear images of well-presented items
  • Provide opportunities for customers to add extras, sides, and upgrades with a tap of a button
  • Make sure descriptions are clear, accurate, and provide allergen and substitution information where relevant
  • Offer combo deals such as family packs or meal deals for value and ease. Check out Bao Brothers for ideas.

With the right set up your digital menu can be a great asset to your business. Your can create a digital menu for free with Bopple's Storefront plan. Then if you decide you'd like to turn on Ordering to start taking payments, you can start a subscription under Billing in your Venue Manager.

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