QR Guest check-in code update

This information is correct as of 28th April 2021.

The changing situation in hospitality due to COVID-19 has been challenging for venues and Governments alike. In the absence of State Government mandated apps, Bopple launched a free Guest check-in QR Code feature that enabled venues to capture and store customer contact details securely, and provide them to Health authorities for contract tracing.

Most Australian states have now created their own COVID-19 guest check-in app in order to assist with fast and secure contact tracing when required. These apps are now mandatory in some states, so venues who are using the free COVID-19 Guest check-in QR Code feature available on Bopple, will need to switch to their State Government service.


New South Wales

Venues in NSW must be using the Service NSW app for all COVID-19 guest check-in. Please see the NSW Government guidelines here.


Venues in Victoria must be using the State Government apps from March 26th, and should register for the Victorian Government QR code service. Please see the Victorian Government guidelines here.


Venues in Queensland must be using the Check-in Qld app from May 1st. Businesses must register beforehand as the processing time is around 3 days. Please see the Queensland Government guidelines here.


Venues in Tasmania must be using the Check In TAS app from May 1st. Please see the Tasmanian Government guidelines here.

Australian Capital Territory

Venues in the ACT must use the State Government Check In CBR app. Please see the ACT Government guidelines here.

South Australia

COVID SAfe Check-in is available as part of the mySA GOV app and is currently optional. Please see the SA Government guidelines here.

Western Australia

SafeWA was developed by the WA Government to assist with contact tracing and is optional. Please see the WA Government guidelines here.

Northern Territory

The Territory Check-in app was developed by the NT Government and is currently optional. Please see the NT Government guidelines here.

Currently, venues in South Australia, Western Australia, and the Northern Territory who are currently using the QR Check-in feature provided through Bopple are able to continue doing so. Venues in all other states must be using their State Government mandated check in apps and will be required to disable COVID-19 Guest check-in via Venue Manager if they are using this feature, and transition to their state mandated apps.

Make the switch to State Government check-in services

First, make sure that your business is registered for the correct check-in service.

You can then disable Guest Check-ins via Venue Manager.

  • At the header of Venue Manager select COVID-19
  • Select the toggle Enable guest check-in so it turns grey.

Check-in disable-1

Any existing QR codes you have printed for check-in will now direct customers to your Storefront when the check-in feature is disabled.

Get in touch if you have any questions about this update or anything else related to your Bopple account. 👋