Bopple loyalty best friends
Due to the sheer number of dining options that people have, it can be humbling when your business starts to develop regular customers. You can start to grow and reward a loyal following with a thoughtful loyalty program... and move on from those old coffee stamp cards.
Rewarding loyalty doesn't have to be costly. The most loyal customers feel good about supporting a business, and will take pride in their continuing patronage. They are natural brand ambassadors, sharing your business to new customers.

It's the small things 🎂

A dessert or free coffee on a customer's birthday is a small but personal way to thank them for their loyalty. It's easy to record customer birthdays with your marketing database and bookings software. Use birthdays to give time-sensitive discounts to bring them back in the door sooner. Encourage social media followers to join your email list with exclusive offers to help your community feel extra special.

Leverage word-of-mouth 🗣

That word-of-mouth buzz is the real gold. Customers trust their friends' and family's recommendations more than someone they have never met. Influencers build trust and connection as if they are a friend, which is how influencer marketing has become so valuable. People take their recommendations, so long as they come across as genuine. Consider how you can identify your best ambassadors and nurture that relationship

Better for your bottom line ⚖️

It costs less to market to return customers than it does to market to new customers, which is great news for your budget. According to a study by Deloitte, increasing customer loyalty rates by 5% can increase profits by 25-95%. Make sure you have budget allocated to customer retention as well as new customer attraction. Digital and social media is cheaper than traditional advertising, so you can get a bigger bang for your bucks.
You own your own customer data on Bopple, so you can see who are your best customers and reward them. We make it easier for you to reward your customers, so you can focus on keeping your offer one worth returning for.